Information about Swimple


What We Do

Swimple is the first and only online marketplace connecting local swimmers with private swimming pool owners in the UK.  We offer homeowners the chance to share their pool with their local communities while generating an income.

Local swimmers get the chance to swim in complete privacy, experience the luxury of their own pool, and enjoy an experience like no other.

We are the Airbnb for private swimming pools.  And that’s just the start!

How We Started

Swimple was co-founded by brothers Nic and Dave Crum.

After years of lying empty and unused Nic and Dave’s father decided to try renting out his pool to some of the local community, giving them access to a private pool and swimming experience during the pandemic.  The response he got was incredible, and from week one he was fully booked.

Desperate to take his daughter swimming but not wanting to risk public pools during the pandemic Nic was frustrated that he couldn’t find anything like what his father was offering near him.  And so the idea was born!

Our Mission

If there is one thing we have learned over the last couple of years its that having access to space is a privilege and a luxury.

We are on a mission to break down the barriers of what the sharing economy offers and to allow those with luxury spaces (like private swimming pools) to open their doors and connect with their local communities.

With a focus on building supportive and open communities that are willing to share we believe that luxury spaces like swimming pools, home gyms, private tennis courts and much more can help bring a shared sense of community while maintaining privacy and security

Where we are going

Our focus right now is on swimming pools, but we believe that sharing the spaces you have is an incredibly fulfilling thing to do, and there is an awful lot of joy to be had for hosts and guests.

Swimming pools are the start, we’re excited about what other spaces can be shared.